Guide to Anti-fraud in Shanghai China's Tourist City

1 Shanghai Bund photo scam This scam is divided into 2 types. First: Dress up as a vendor of Sun Wukong, Pig Bajie, and other kinds of mythical anime characters, take the initiative to take pictures of you in the scenic spot. After you take a photo with them, they will ask you for money. And if you don't give it, they will entangle you and even pull you. The amount of fraud is only a few tens of yuan so that many tourists will feel lousy luck.
Second: The price is marked before the photo, for example, taking a photo of 10 yuan, but as long as the visitor stands in the position, the photo dealer will shoot a lot of photos, and then each one will charge you. If you don't pay, on the one hand, he will insult you in language, on the other hand, he will intimidate you, saying that these photos are in their hands, they will destroy your reputation in various ways. Many tourists were scared and had to pay for the photos.
2 low price tour group "Shopping group" refers to the tour…

Why do you need to buy China travel advisory and services when you come to China?

Friends, it is not easy for you to come out for a trip. The most important thing to do when you come out is to be happy. Then we try to avoid unpleasant situations on the road and avoid wasting time. Otherwise, time is spent too much, and you will destroy your own. Traveling, traveling with a tour group is convenient, you don't have to worry about something, but you can't understand a place relatively profoundly, and you are likely to be deceived and lose a lot of money.
Therefore, the best way to get out of China is to travel by yourself. It is a pleasant thing to find a few good friends to go to China.
Because China is large, there are many wrong places (in fact, every country in the world has good and bad places), you can't avoid losses if you don't know them in advance. Losing money is the smallest thing. It is even more worthwhile to delay your precious time. After all, you are only traveling to China, not settled here. What is even more terrible is that you have ma…

China Tourism Guide-General instructions (this description will be updated frequently)

1: If the currency of this website is not specified, it refers to the RMB. For example ticket 100 yuan, here refers to 100 yuan RMB
2: The figures on this website are examples, not specific amounts, and figures. This is just to let you know the truth.
For example, the ticket is 100 yuan. This may be the price when I went there. The ticket price will sometimes change. It will vary due to the economic changes in the off-season season. There will be many reasons for the income change in the scenic spot.
3 The public transportation in China's big cities is perfect and very convenient. Now the roads are well built. But it is also a right road, the economy is developing fast, and there are more and more cars, causing widespread traffic congestion. But for those who don't have a car, or who don't want to drive, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, because you can go out anytime, anywhere, and it's very convenient.
4 Traveling outside, even some small businessmen who are stalli…

China travel guide:China's top ten tourist cities and brief introductions and travel advice

Foreign tourists come to China's top ten tourist cities, and we will detail in the following article 1 Beijing Beijing, the capital of China, is China's political and cultural center and one of the world's first-tier cities. It has an important position in the world and is the most popular Chinese tourist city. Beijing is also an excellent place to see museums, the city with the most Chinese museums, and the city with the highest level of exhibits. There are also wrong places in Beijing, that is, the traffic is too crowded, the population is huge, and there are often some conferences, temporary road closures, and there are many one-way streets in Beijing. Because of the protection of ancient buildings, many buildings cannot be demolished, as long as one-way streets are left, it is not good. Drive.

If you are very interested in Chinese culture, have limited time and like to watch museums, then it is recommended that your trip be mainly in Beijing. If not, I suggest that Beijin…

Instructions for foreign tourists to travel to China with tour groups

The world is so big, and I want to see it! If you are in your own country and you have chosen to travel to China for a tour, you must read this article. If you plan to go to China first, then participate in a tour group in China, and follow the tour group tour, please also take a look at this article, this article will be of great help to you.
The above two ways of traveling to China, in fact, have the same result and are followed by guided tours in China.
The first is that after your foreign local travel agency has received your order, they sell you (you are equivalent to order) to a travel agency in China, and then the domestic travel agency in China sells it to the next level of a travel agency. Travel agencies earn agency fees, and the last level of travel agencies are generally for you. There are likely to be fake guides, fake travel agencies, and will write an article in the future.
The second is to omit the step of placing an order in your country. You can sign a contract directly …